Why Calvary Cemetery?

Calvary Cemetery has over 70 years of experience serving families during tumultuous times with our at-need burial services.

With the assistance of the local funeral homes and its directors, we can ensure that everything you need is taken care of smoothly. We respect your time and your wishes because we understand how difficult of a burden death can be on everyone. You can trust us to help you through this difficult time.

side short of teurlings memorial mausoleum

We’re Here for You

We are honored to serve you and your loved ones.

Burial Options and Prices

single crypt diagram

Single Crypt

  • 1 Persons
companion crypt diagram

Companion Crypt

  • 2 Persons
companion abbey diagram

Companion Abbey Couch

  • 2 Persons
Single Couch diagram

Single Couch

  • 1 Persons
companion abbey couch diagram

Companion Abbey Couch

  • 2 Persons
true companion with abbey diagram

True Companion Crypt w/ Abbey

  • 4 Persons
true companion crypt diagram

True Companion Crypt

  • 2 Persons
Ground Plot Diagram

Ground Plots

  • 2 Persons
cremation niche diagram

Cremation Niches

  • 2 Persons

 At-Need FAQs

Contact your funeral home of choice and our Director to review all options.

We treat this situation just like any other burial, with respect and following your wishes.

It is a matter of personal preference; crypts are already complete and ready, ground plots require more preparation such as choosing a headstone, material, double or single vault, etc.  

No; when someone purchases a burial plot, they are basically paying for the right of interment into that space.  This means that they own the vault in the ground, and the actual headstone.

It would pass to the immediate next of kin.  

We don’t buy back any plots.  

We regulate height restrictions and must pre-approve all headstones or gravesites to maintain the continuity of our grounds.

We allow flowers and minimal items on the actual grave.

We always aim to accommodate our guests in the best way possible, and provide many options for your choosing.

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